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The best 10 kilowatt wind turbine in its class

FuturEnergy is making renewable energy more accessible through lower cost, higher quality small wind turbines. By engineering a new blade design, FuturEnergy has created a turbine that is more efficient, quieter, and more cost-effective than anything else in its class.

Amber Composites and FuturEnergy worked together to develop an innovative manufacturing process for the 10kW wind turbine blade. The weight of the blade was kept very low as a result of the strength gained from Amber’s prepreg technology, whereas previous attempts in polyester wet-lay were far too heavy and weak. The result is a highly efficient blade with a start-up wind speed of only 7.5 mph.
Amber Composites have been so helpful, holding our hands through the early and latter stages to enable us to get into full production. Because we took the plunge we are now using the very latest methods and have ended up with a beautiful blade, immensely strong and easy to make with a minimum of labour. Big thanks to Amber.’

- Peter Osborne, Managing Director - FuturEnergy


  • HX42 glass prepreg to make the mould.
  • Glass 390g 2/2 twill and 870g 2/2 twill 8020-06 (pigmented white specially for the application) to manufacture the blades.
  • Pre-cut kits were provided by Amber to minimize production costs.

Tencate Advanced Solution

FuturEnergy has successfully installed several wind turbines on multiple sites in the UK, and Amber Composites is proud to provide technical support to an innovator who is leading the way to more accessible renewable energy.

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