Prepreg »

Unidirectional and woven prepreg with Amber's proven resin systems. Curing temperatures from 50°C (122°F) to 175°C (347°F) and end-use temperatures as high as 335°C (635°F).

Core »

Aluminium, Nomex® honeycomb and Flex-Core® in addition to TenCate's syntactic Amlite & expanding Amspand core.

Fabric »

We carry a large selection of high technology reinforcement fabrics in many different materials, colours, weights and weave styles.

Adhesive Films »

Adhesive films for a variety of bonding applications, including the bonding of honeycomb core to aluminium, plastic, or fibre-reinforced skins.

Tooling & Patternmaking »

Tooling materials proven to work together seamlessly, from original master materials to prepreg and backing structures.

Sealers & Release Agents »

We carry a complete line of carefully selected, high performance, semi-permanent release agents from Chem-Trend.

Structural Panels »

Lightweight structural sandwich panels produced in-house using combinations of aluminium, carbon or glass fibre skins with lightweight, rigid honeycomb or foam core.